What is Becoming Mom®?

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Becoming Mom® is a comprehensive companion to women throughout their journey into motherhood. We provide physical, mental, and spiritual support to moms through the pre-conception, pregnancy, and post-partum stages of this incredible and important life change. 

Our full-service spa is truly a place where pampering meets technology. Certified prenatal massage therapists offer a variety of body treatments designed to help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy and into motherhood, while trained medical sonographers utilize 4D technology to allow women and their families to see your baby’s positioning, movement, heartbeat, and even facial expressions. Moms also benefit from 100% natural skin care products when receiving massage and facial treatments, leaving them to relax in the confidence that they’ll look and feel their natural best. 

The voyage into motherhood is one that changes every aspect of a woman’s life. Becoming Mom® knows that a safe and comforting environment is essential for women when experiencing pregnancy, and we strive to nurture body, mind, and spirit along the way. Creating enjoyable memories of this amazing journey is what Becoming Mom® is all about. 

Why Becoming Mom®?

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